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I am seeking for a position where I can expend on my education and utilise the said experience to increase both customer satisfaction and the company's overall reputation, to strive for excellence and precision at all times, in all positions and circumstances, towards attaining professional distinction.

While I was studying my NQF level 4 (Business Administration) some of the modules covered taught me how to handle and deal with customers in the business environment. It also taught me how to deal with problems that arise in the workplace.

Was fortunate to receive the opportunity to learn and get knowledge about the business environment. The school allowed us to perform what they call "WIL" Working Integrated Learning, which gave me the opportunity to go to different companies and get job experience.

I am able to manage my time effectively and handle workload in a very professional manner with little supervision. I am very punctual and meet my deadlines on time. I have the ability to multi-task and work in a group. I am always determined to learn new things and I am adventurous. I am a creative thinker, problems solver, team player and have a sharp memory.

I am confident you will find my application as a worthwhile investment and I would highly appreciate being one of the selected participants.

-Thoko Tebogo Mathebula.

Posted on : 13/03/2018, #, Edit

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